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Where to Stay in Sausalito: A Guide to Hotels & Vacation Rentals

Sausalito is lovely – we all know that. Those of us who call Sausalito home are lucky to do so, and if you’re planning a visit, you’ve likely discovered that there are numerous nice things to do in Sausalito to pass your time here. You’ve probably also discovered that there’s no way to fit everything into one day in Sausalito, and may be curious about staying overnight in Sausalito to give yourself extra time.

In this post, I’ll cover your accommodation options and where to stay in Sausalito. As you’ll see, there are some lovely options for a small town like Sausalito – but also some important considerations as you try to find a place that fits your budget and travel style. Read on to discover the best places to stay in Sausalito!

Sausalito is the traditional lands of the Graton Rancheria, Miwok, and Me-Wuk (Coast Miwok) peoples. With respect, I make a formal land acknowledgment, extending my appreciation to the past and present stewards of these lands. To learn more, I invite you to explore Native Land.

Hotels in Sausalito

Photos courtesy of Casa Madrona (UL), Hotel Sausalito (LL), and The Inn Above Tides (R)

There are four – and only four – hotels in Sausalito; there are some other hotels near Sausalito, but these are the main ones you can stay at if you want to spend a night in Sausalito itself.

Casa Madrona

Casa Madrona has lived many lives in its 125-year tenure overlooking the waterfront along Bridgeway Promenade. It housed families during World War II, hosted beatniks and hippies in the mid-20th Century, and almost collapsed during mudslides in the 1970s. Today, after a questionable bankruptcy and intriguing financial investigation, Casa Madrona is a new lady – thanks to a multi-million dollar renovation that was completed in early 2019.

During your stay, you can enjoy luxurious accommodations, some of the best views in town, treatments at their gorgeous spa, and meals at the onsite street-level Poggio Trattoria (great for pizza and Italian).

From $296/night, book on Booking.com or Hotels.com

Hotel Sausalito & Suites

As their name suggests, Hotel Sausalito & Suites sits in the heart of town; it’s right at the intersection where El Portal – which leads to the Ferry Terminal – meets Bridgeway. While all of the hotels in Sausalito are within walking distance of, well, everything, Hotel Sausalito is the most centrally located.

Overlooking the Viña del Mar Park and Bridgeway, rooms at the Hotel Sausalito have Old World and old-fashioned charm: think cast iron bed frames and sun-drenched seating areas in each room’s Bay Window. The hotel is also done in a classic Tuscan color palette of warm yellows and oranges to further play into the building’s grand facade and Sausalito’s European vibe.

From $195/night, book on Booking.com or Hotels.com

Where to Stay in Sausalito

The Gables Inn

Tucked up away from the hustle and bustle on Princess Street, The Gables Inn has the same cozy comfort as the Hotel Sausalito, its sister property. However, each of the 15 rooms at The Gables Inn takes a more modern approach with dark solid colors, rich textures, and clean lines; it feels very modern, in part thanks to a recent remodel of the entire property.

Some rooms have additional features, such as the stunning views from the Bay Room (suite), the patio from the Magnolia and Willow Rooms, and fireplaces in many of the rooms.

From $225/night, book on Booking.com or Hotels.com

The Inn Above Tides

Finally, The Inn Above Tides is usually the first Sausalito Hotel that people see: it sits right next to the Ferry terminal with the best – and closest – waterfront views in town.

They offer a number of different room classes and all have waterfront views – some deluxe rooms also have a private balcony that allows you to sit out over the water to admire panoramic views of Angel Island, the San Francisco skyline, and boats passing. If you’re looking to splurge* on your stay in Sausalito, the Bay View is the room to do it!

*It’s worth noting that Casa Madrona does have one room at a higher price point, but it requires an online quote to even see how much!

Vacation Rentals in Sausalito

Unfortunately, it is not possible to book a short-term vacation rental in Sausalito for your visit. Due to a city rule, all vacation rentals in Sausalito require a 30-day minimum stay. While you may occasionally find properties listed that allow you to book for less than 30 days, they are in violation of the city rules – and the city monitors the various sites to try and find these properties and have them removed.

If you have 30 days (or longer) in Sausalito, first of all – lucky you! There are plenty of options in that case; some of my favorites include this old carriage house (it’s a mother-in-law unit of the main property owners), this recently updated cottage, and this cozy floating home in Waldo Point (where’s that?).

Final Thoughts on Where to Stay in Sausalito

Where to Stay in Sausalito

So where should you stay in Sausalito? To be honest, I’m not sure you should unless you have the budget for it!

To be frank, it’s stupidly expensive to stay overnight in Sausalito, in part due to that city rule that doesn’t allow for vacation rental stays less than 30 days which would make more accommodation options accessible to people of all travel styles. Hotels in Sausalito have a monopoly and are able to charge exorbitant rates. In fact, I was not able to find the prices I list for each property below on any of the sites when I put in travel dates – meaning that it’s basically impossible to find a place to stay in Sausalito for under $200 per night if you want to stay for less than 30 days.

If you have that kind of time or budget, lovely – I genuinely hope you enjoy your stay in Sausalito. If not, I recommend looking at nearby communities like Tamalpais Valley and Mill Valley for vacation rentals and cheaper hotels – or staying in San Francisco where there is a wider range of budget-friendly accommodation options.

Have any questions about where to stay in Sausalito? Let me know in the comments!

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Valerie fell in love with Sausalito after her very first visit; she and her husband then moved there in 2019. It's one of her favorite places in the Bay Area and she's excited to show you the best parts of her city.

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