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A Quick Guide to the 10 Sausalito Neighborhoods

San Francisco is known for neighborhoods with huge personalities – so what are Sausalito neighborhoods like? In this quick guide, we’ll define Sausalito’s neighborhoods and what each one has to offer.

There’s no official guide from the City of Sausalito on neighborhoods and their boundaries, so we’ve researched them and their boundaries. Our sources list a range of 8-10 Sausalito neighborhoods; we went with the ten we found most often and know personally from living in Sausalito.

There are 10 neighborhoods in Sausalito you can live in or visit: Old Town/Hurricane Gulch, Wolfback Ridge, Bridgeway Promenade, Downtown Sausalito/Ferry Landing, The Hill, New Town, Spring Street Valley, Marinship, Nevada Street Valley, and Waldo Point/the Floating Homes.

Sausalito is the traditional lands of the Graton Rancheria, Miwok, and Me-Wuk (Coast Miwok) peoples. With respect, I make a formal land acknowledgment, extending my appreciation to the past and present stewards of these lands. To learn more, I invite you to explore Native Land.

Sausalito’s 10 Neighborhoods

Sausalito Neighborhood Map
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Above, you can see a map of all of the neighborhoods in Sausalito, which you can then read about more below.

Old Town/Hurricane Gulch

  • Contains: Mixed Residential & Business
  • Borders: Cavallo Point on South, US 101 on the West, North Street & Cable Roadway on North, Waterfront on East

The Old Town/Hurricane Gulch neighborhood is primarily residential but is cut through by Alexander Avenue and Second Street – the major transit route through the neighborhood headed toward Downtown Sausalito or San Francisco. You can find a few points of interest though – one main restaurant (Aurora Ristorante e Pizzeria), a small market, and a few other businesses.

Wolfback Ridge

  • Contains: Residential
  • Borders: Wolfback Ridge on South/West/North, US 101 on East

Wolfback Ridge is an exclusively residential neighborhood, the only part of Sausalito that is west of US 101. Most people won’t visit Wolfback Ridge even if living in Sausalito unless they know someone living in the area.

Bridgeway Promenade

  • Contains: Mixed Residential & Business
  • Borders: Tiffany Park on South, Bridgeway on West, Princess Street on North, Waterfront on East

Bridgeway Promenade isn’t strictly a neighborhood. However, it’s a distinct part of Sausalito that almost everyone visits at least once. Running along Sausalito’s iconic waterfront with incredibly epic views, this southern part of Bridgeway Street runs north from Old Town/Hurricane Gulch to Downtown Sausalito.

Across from the waterfront, you’ll find some of the city’s most beautiful homes (most of which are in The Hill neighborhood) and a few galleries, restaurants, shops, and cafes. There are also a few spectacular waterfront restaurants along Bridgeway Promenade, including Scoma’s and The Trident.

Businesses along Bridgeway Promenade:

Downtown Sausalito (Ferry Landing)

  • Contains: Business
  • Borders: Princess Street on South, Bulkley Avenue on West, Bay Street/Waterfront on North, Waterfront on East/South

Downtown Sausalito is centralized around the Ferry Landing where the Sausalito-San Francisco Ferry docks and loads. You’ll find the core of Sausalito’s tourism-oriented businesses in Downtown, including all four of the city’s hotels.

There are also some fantastic restaurants and bars in the area, as well as art galleries, souvenir shops, sweets and dessert vendors, and some of Sausalito’s more quirky establishments too.

Businesses in Downtown Sausalito:

The Hill

  • Contains: Residential
  • Borders: North Street & Cable Roadway on South, US 101 on West, Santa Rosa Avenue on North, Bulkley Avenue on East

The Hill is one of Sausalito’s hillside residential neighborhoods, overlooking Downtown Sausalito and with sweeping views of Richardson Bay. From a visitor’s standpoint, there’s very little to see and do here. But, if you know someone with a home in the area it’s a good excuse to say hello and enjoy a drink while taking in the view.

New Town

  • Contains: Mixed Residential & Business
  • Borders: Bay Street on the South, Caledonia Avenue on the West, Dunphy Park on the North, Waterfront on the East

While plenty of visitors make it up to New Town, this area is also much more populated with local’s favorite watering holes, restaurants, and shops. New Town is primarily focused on Caledonia Street and Bridgeway Street; if you find your way here you’ll enjoy some of our favorite spots, like Joinery, Salsalitos, Bar Bocce, and Smitty’s Bar.

Businesses in New Town Sausalito:

Spring Street Valley

  • Contains: Residential
  • Borders: Santa Rosa Avenue on South, US 101 on West, Rodeo Avenue on North, Bridgeway on East

Spring Street Valley is the hillside residential neighborhood that overlooks New Town and this part of Richardson Bay. There are no businesses in the area and the winding roads are idyllic in Marin County style.


  • Contains: Mixed Residential, Business & Industrial
  • Borders: Dunphy Park on South, Bridgeway on West, Gate 5 Road on North, Waterfront on East

Sausalito has many historic neighborhoods – Old Town/Hurricane Gulch, Bridgeway Promenade, Downtown –, but none perhaps more so than formerly industrial Marinship. While it once helped the U.S. in international war efforts, Marinship now has a mix of shipyards and marinas alongside restaurants and intrepid local business owners.

Nevada Street Valley

  • Contains: Residential
  • Borders: Rodeo Avenue on South, US 101 on West, Donahue Street on North, Bridgeway on East

Nevada Street Valley is the northernmost hillside neighborhood, and overlooks Marinship and Waldo Point. It’s the quietest and un-touristed of the residential areas, and like neighboring Spring Street Valley, it is primarily comprised of meandering roads.

Along the eastern border on Bridgeway, you’ll find a stretch of restaurants populated almost entirely by locals.

Businesses in Nevada Street Valley:

Waldo Point/Floating Homes

  • Contains: Mixed Residential & Business
  • Borders: Gate 5 Road on South, Bridgeway on West, Waterfront on North and East

Sometimes named for the majority of what makes it up, Waldo Point was a formerly independent community of floating homes. These are the ones for which Sausalito is so well known! You can stroll along some of the piers and docks to see the variety of interesting structures and styles. There’s also a small marina business area near the onramps to US 101.

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