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The 7 Best Sausalito Airbnb Experiences

While there’s no shortage of things to do in Sausalito, you might be looking for something a bit less common to enjoy your time in this lovely waterfront community. Sure, you can rent a kayak, window shop along Caledonia, or do a wine tasting at one of our tasting rooms – or you can try something new and different, guided by a local host.

That’s where Airbnb Experiences come in. These tours are all guided by locals from in and around Sausalito, and these Sausalito Airbnb Experiences allow you to try something new – tie-dying, crabbing, or hiking – that you might not otherwise try on your own, or find a tour for.

In this post, I’m highlighting the seven best Airbnb Experiences in Sausalito. As you’ll see, they take full advantage of Sausalito’s location and proximity to incredible sights and experiences, including the San Francisco Bay, the Redwoods, and more. Pick any one of these, and you’ll have an amazing time in Sausalito.

1. Sailing from Sausalito

Ahoy there! Sailing is one of the loveliest ways to explore Sausalito. Luckily, there’s plenty of sailing Airbnb Experiences in Sausalito to bring out the sailor in you.

Those wanting to get their hands dirty can book a tour with Ryan, sailing on the San Francisco Bay aboard his refurbished 1968 Bristol Corsair. He’ll teach you all about the basics of sailing while soaking up the sun and enjoying the watery views. Those looking to unwind at the sea should book Evan’s tour aboard Alsager. In this experience, he takes you to see SF’s fantastic landmarks as he shares all about his voyages and sailing lifestyle. Evan also offers an evening sail to witness sublime sunset views. 

You can also find luxurious Sausalito Airbnb Experiences when it comes to sailing. Treat yourself to a private sunset sail aboard Heather’s yacht. She’ll take you for a journey around the bay and make sure you witness the most stunning sunset on the deck while sipping a glass of your favorite wine. 

Or, if you have a special occasion coming, don’t hesitate to book the San Francisco Bay Cruise with Sean. He accommodates special requests on his classic motor yacht to cruise around San Francisco Bay. It’s an unforgettable experience with music, delicious food, and sublime views. 

2. Scenic Sausalito Waterfront Walking Tour

There’s no doubt that Sausalito’s waterfront gives this little town much of its unique charm. While there are plenty of ways to explore the waterfront, one of the best is by walking. 

Ben, a San Francisco native and certified guide, has designed this three-hour scenic walking tour where he takes you to experience and explore Sausalito’s highlights like a local. The experience is quite diverse, with sightseeing, history bits, and wildlife viewing. The adventure begins in Sausalito’s quirky houseboat community. You’ll feel like traveling back in time as Ben shares all about the 1970s, the Beatniks and hippies whose wild spirit flooded this area and gave birth to the houseboat community.

Make sure you have your camera ready for your about to see some eccentric houses along the way. From the houseboat community, you’ll shuttle to Fort Baker, right in the heart of Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Here you’ll enjoy a lovely shoreline walk; keep your eyes peeled for the wonderful native birds, plants, trees, and animals that call this place home. You’ll also experience sweeping bay views of the Golden Gate Bridge and SF’s gorgeous skyline.

3. Legendary Sausalito Record Plant Tour

It may not seem like it, but Sausalito isn’t all about sailing or crab cooking. The small town has a rich past in the music scene and is home to one of the most legendary recording studios in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Record Plant.

If you’d like to experience this tiny piece of music history, stand in the same rooms where the music you’ve heard for years was recorded, then you can’t miss DJ Katia’s Record Plant tour. A DJ and analog music lover, Katia is also passionate about Record Plant. She has committed to preserving its history and sharing it with everyone who visits Sausalito. In this experience, she opens the studio doors and invites you to explore the iconic building where singers like Fleetwood Mac, Carlos Santana, and Aretha Franklin recorded their songs. You’ll be able to access the studio live room, mastering studio, the iso booths, and many more places where songs started to take shape.

Katia will also share the craziest anecdotes this place has seen and, of course, hear some of the famous tunes that were born here. You’ll also be able to see some cool pieces of psychedelic wood art along the hallways, which still captures the essence of the wild 70s.  

4. Hiking the Marin Headlands

Are you looking for Sausalito Airbnb Experiences to escape the crowds? If so then sign up for this Golden Gate Headlands hike. This Sausalito experience is an excellent opportunity to look at Sausalito’s charm and history from a different perspective. 

Ben is a Bay Area native and local guide whose only wish is to share every in and out of Sausalito. To do so, he has decided to take you on a scenic walk through the lush Marin Headlands. You’ll meet at the Sausalito Chamber of Commerce, right next to the ferry landing. As you venture into the vast wilderness, Ben will share the stories this place holds. He knows pretty much everything about the area’s plant life, terrain, and historical spots. You’re sure to walk away with a wealth of knowledge. 

Have your camera ready! You’ll be stopping by fantastic lookout points along the way (those only the locals know) to take in gorgeous and unusual views of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and the city. 

Ben offers two different options to conclude this lovely experience: either you can walk across the Golden Gate Bridge back to San Francisco or continue to Fort Baker, a former military base turned into a park.

5. Hiking in the Redwoods in Mill Valley

You’ve never experienced the Redwoods in this way! Nicki and her team of amazing guides will take you among the Redwoods to rediscover the power and beauty of nature. In this immersive outdoor experience, you’ll indulge in the smells, flavors, sights, and sounds of the majestic Redwoods. 

This Airbnb Experience begins on beautiful Mt. Tamalpais and follows down into the ancient forest. Nicki and her team follow a 3.5-mile trail with a 1-mile uphill climb on the way out. You’ll see unspoiled beauty all around as there are ancient trees, pristine waterfalls, and small valleys on the trail. While walking through the Redwoods is impressive, the “herbalistic” approach to the experience is the highlight making this tour different from others. Seriously, the guides have such vast plant knowledge that you can easily confuse the hike with an introduction to herbalism class.  

They pick different plants and berries along the way and explain to visitors about their properties and uses. You’ll also learn tons about foraging and the science behind the Redwoods flora. By the way, be ready to widen your gastronomic horizons as you’ll be picking and munching on exotic berries and leaves!

6. Crabbing at Point Cavallo

Yes, there are also Sausalito Airbnb Experiences for the foodies out there! 

Eating at a restaurant is a marvelous experience. No one disagrees with that. However, there’s nothing like the satisfaction of eating something you concocted and caught yourself! If you haven’t tried it yet, then this crabbing class is an excellent one to try first. 

Uncle Dave has designed this crabbing class, or Golden Gate Bridge-Crab, Cook & Crack experience, as he calls it, and it is the definition of the “from the sea to table” cuisine. He’ll be waiting for you on the front side of Pier– look for the small neon orange flag. In two hours, Dave will teach you all about the different types of crabs, what makes a good crab (and why), the best way to cook them, plus a few clever fishing techniques. 

Once you’ve learned the basics, Uncle Dave hands you the net, and it’s time to put all your knowledge to work.. You’ll be dropping the nets right off the pier and into the water, pulling them up, and looking over what you caught. Don’t worry, he’ll be by your side all the time. Now that you’ve caught those crabs, it’s time to cook! Uncle Dave puts on his apron and steams the fresh crabs while telling you the craziest stories. Once he serves you the crab, he teaches you how to crack and eat it. After that, grab your cutlery and enjoy!

7. Natural Tie-Dyeing in Mill Valley

Take (and make!) the most beautiful souvenir at this natural tie-dyeing workshop in Sausalito. Turns out plants aren’t just an excellent source of medicine. You can also use them to make natural dyes. 

Auli welcomes everyone in her fiber art studio, a gorgeous space surrounded by lush greenery, to do natural tie-dyeing. During the experience, you will learn the different foods, plants, and spices in nature (and the kitchen!) you can use as dyes. The experience is very much hands-on. You’ll be making your own natural dyes and dyeing a wool or a silk scarf – both suitable fabrics for Sausalito’s chilly nights. 

There’s plenty of freedom, and you can experiment with all the colors you want. Auli’s craft follows a sustainable principle, so she uses mostly traditional plants of the region to extract the dyes. Acorn, eucalyptus leaves, and coffee berry bush leaves are among the most common. Nonetheless, you will have a wide choice of traditional dyes to work with as well.

Bonus: Walking Tour of Historic Tiburon

We’ve all been on those walking tours where the guide shares facts you could have easily googled yourself. Well, Elliot’s walking tour of historic Tiburon is nothing like that. He also used to be a teacher, so he knows how to keep his audience entertained. 

His walking tour takes you on a historic voyage through Tiburon, Marin County’s second loveliest town – after Sausalito, of course. He’s been a Tiburon resident for years and aims at sharing historical insights that give visitors a new understanding of this beautiful area’s history and evolution. Save at least two hours of your day for this experience. Elliot goes back to the very beginning of history, with the indigenous people who first inhabited the land, and finishes with Tiburon’s present as a tourist attraction. 

He has gathered information from every possible source to reconstruct Tiburon’s history– original newspaper accounts, magazines, historical books, local historians, and town old-timers make up his sources. So, he knows the deepest secrets and memorable stories Tiburon holds. He also carries dozens of historical photographs to illustrate each anecdote he shares. Also, you won’t believe Elliot’s ability to accurately recall the smallest detail.

Now that you know all of the different activities you can enjoy from the Sausalito area, are you inspired to book one of these Sausalito Airbnb Experiences? Let me know any questions in the comments!

Valerie & Jacob fell in love with Sausalito after their very first visit; they then moved there in 2019. It's one of their favorite places in the Bay Area and they're excited to show you the best parts of their city.

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