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  • Joe

    Hi, I love your site. I’d also like to get more info on Houseboat living in Sausalito. If you could reach out to me, I’d greatly appreciate it!

  • Malcolm

    Hello Valerie & Jacob,
    I’m visiting SF from 31st March to 7th April flying in from the UK

    So whilst I’m on my own I don’t have a particular agenda but I remember Sausalito last time I was in SF and it’s been in my head ever since – so I thought I might take a cycle ride from SF to Sausalito for lunch and ended up on your cool website – hence my email…….

    Is there somewhere you can recommend for me to rent a skippered sailboat for the day – I’d like to take a leisurely sail around the bay , under the bridge if possible – probably Monday/Tuesday?

    Thank you !

  • Graham

    Hi,guys, will be visiting in late July after cycling over. the Spinnaker looks fantastic. Where’s the best place to,leave our bikes whilst we grab a bite

    • Avatar photo

      Valerie & Jacob

      There’s a big set of bike racks right near the ferry terminal that should work and is close walking to Spinnaker!

  • Julie

    Hey there! What is the sunniest neighborhood in Sausalito? Thinking of moving there and curious what areas/pockets have the least fog. Thanks!

  • Alberto Burciaga

    Hello, are you guys interested in having a tour to Muir Woods? I can exchange it for a professional video edited, or a photo shoot f you as a couple or other relatives.
    Im in san Fransisco for a wedding in Napa as a Wedding photographer and looking to explore and connect with other creators.

    Thanks, find me on insta at @issa_burciaga and well talk

    • Avatar photo


      Thanks for reaching out, Alberto. We’re not up for this currently, but appreciate you looking to connect!

  • Judy Salinsky

    Hello Valerie:
    I appreciate your page on the art Galleries in Sausalito. I am an oil painter and sculptor in Southern California. My work is in North County of San Diego and Cambria, and I am looking to expand. As you may know, marketing is the least favorable task as an artist, but I am trying my best. It is just “Me, myself, and I” doing the work. I copied the galleries; Scott Hanson and Petris FIne Art, and some of the links on your page were marked out. When I tried to click on them nothing happened. Are those out of business?
    Also, if you know of any others in Northern California they may appreciate Ocean Art, please share.
    Thank you for the information, I appreciate your efforts,
    Judy Salinsky

    • Avatar photo


      Judy, hi. Thanks for reaching out. If the link is crossed out, that does mean it’s broken and probably that they business is no longer operating. Thanks for letting me know, as I’ll check them out and remove those who aren’t open anymore.

  • katy charlotte weston

    Good evening

    we were hoping to visit next weekend sunday ideally coudl I ask if the restaurants and stores will be open on a sunday ? Thank you

  • Tara Shepherd

    Hi Valerie,

    How do you come up with your lists? I would love to share a few new restaruants and brunch programs with you to check out if you are interested!


  • Elizabeth Wong

    Hello – I was wondering if you knew of a natural cosmetics brand that was featured about 3 weeks ago on a ABC Localish episode. I believe it is called Botanio and it looks like it is based in Sausalito where the grow their natural ingredients in a garden nearby. Thank you.