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The 9 Best Viewpoints in Sausalito

Planning a day trip to Sausalito or looking for a beautiful vista to enjoy a special moment? I feel lucky to live in Sausalito since we have some amazing views from both the waterfront and hillsides. Most people will discover them by exploring, but sometimes you want to know where the Sausalito views are before you set out. This article is here to help!

Read on for our guide to the best viewpoints in Sausalito – including the San Francisco skyline and the Golden Gate Bridge!

Sausalito is the traditional lands of the Graton Rancheria, Miwok, and Me-Wuk (Coast Miwok) peoples. With respect, I make a formal land acknowledgment, extending my appreciation to the past and present stewards of these lands. To learn more, I invite you to explore Native Land.

1. On the Sausalito Ferry

Planning a trip to Sausalito and want the best views? It’s a pretty impressive to ride the bus, walk, or bike across the Golden Gate Bridge. However, there’s no epic view quite like the one you’ll see on the Sausalito Ferry!

After you depart from the San Francisco Ferry building, keep your eyes peeled! You’ll see:

  • A fantastic view of San Francisco skyline
  • A short peek at Alcatraz Island
  • Panoramic views of the Golden Gate Bridge
  • A beautiful perspective as you approach Sausalito along the waterfront.

It’s definitely worth it to plan your Sausalito visit to include a ferry ride – especially if you want the best viewpoints in Sausalito.

2. Sausalito Ferry Plaza

If you choose to take the ferry from San Francisco to Sausalito (or back), you’ll step off the boat at the Sausalito Ferry Plaza – and have another great San Francisco Bay Area view from Sausalito. The Plaza offers a panoramic vista, as do many of the water view rooms at Sausalito’s only waterfront hotel, The Inn Above Tides.

Stop and admire the view before turning south to walk along Bridgeway Promenade and discover other great vista points.

3. Along Bridgeway Promenade

Continuing south, Bridgeway Promenade (one of Sausalito’s neighborhoods) offers the best view of San Francisco from Sausalito – and it stretches 0.3 miles from Yee Tock Chee Park in the north to Tiffany Park in the south.

4. Yee Tock Chee Park

At the north end of Bridgeway Promenade, Yee Tock Chee Park is often full of people snapping selfies and looking across San Francisco Bay toward the city, Alcatraz, and the East Bay.

Named for a local resident who opened the now-closed Purity Market in the neighboring building back in 1941, this park is hardly more than a ‘pocket park’ but makes up for small square footage with big views.

5. Scoma’s & The Trident

Like The Spinnaker (mentioned more below), Scoma’s and The Trident are two of the most popular Sausalito restaurants on the water. They both have epic views from waterfront tables – so if you plan to eat at either of these, ask if you can have one of those tables when you check-in.

Scoma’s is a classic Italian and seafood restaurant, whereas The Trident is well known for surf-and-turf options.

6. Sea Lion Sculpture

Best Views in Sausalito - Sea Lion Statue

An iconic statue, an epic city view – what more do you need? From this spot along Bridgeway Promenade, you can admire Al Sybrian’s Sea Lion sculpture and look out to see Treasure Island, Alcatraz Island, and the San Francisco skyline.

7. Tiffany Park

At the south end of Bridgeway Promenade, Tiffany Park has a slightly less impressive view of San Francisco from Sausalito because of Cavallo Point. Don’t let that deter you from walking all the way down to see it – it’s not that far, after all!

You can also walk out along the boardwalk which offers a quieter view since cars turn up Richardson Drive away from the waterfront.

8. Southview Park

A few blocks up the hill from Tiffany Park, Southview Park is located in Sausalito’s Old Town/Hurricane Gulch neighborhood. It’s a popular spot for local families with a play area and basketball court.

Southview Park also – as its name suggests – has great views. You can see the San Francisco skyline, Alcatraz, and the rest of the Bay from this vista point in Sausalito.

9. Spinnaker Point

Sausalito Events - Launch Dinner

There’s a reason that The Spinnaker is one of the most popular restaurants along the Sausalito waterfront – it has some of the best views by far.

There’s no formal name for this point of land as it juts out into Richardson Bay, but if you walk along Spinnaker Drive to the restaurant after which it’s all named, you can enjoy a fantastic view of San Francisco from Sausalito while you walk. Once you reach The Spinnaker, you can enter and ask for a table with a view, or turn left to the small public area on the docks north of the restaurant.

Can You See the Golden Gate Bridge from Sausalito?

From land, there really aren’t many Golden Gate Bridge viewpoints in Sausalito. You might see one or both of the towers peek out from behind Cavallo Point depending on the day and your perspective.

If you want the best Sausalito Golden Gate Bridge View, you’ll find it from aboard the Sausalito ferry (or on another boat ride, such as on the Freda B schooner bay cruise, a popular Sausalito tour).

Do you know of other good Sausalito viewpoints? Let us know in the comments!

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Valerie fell in love with Sausalito after her very first visit; she and her husband then moved there in 2019. It's one of her favorite places in the Bay Area and she's excited to show you the best parts of her city.