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The 8 Best Spots for Pizza in Sausalito

There’s nothing quite like a great slice of pizza. When you find the right pizzeria for you, it’s perfect: the crust is just right, the sauce has the perfect flavor, and the toppings create a joyous experience for your tastebuds. Luckily, Sausalito is home to some great pizza spots, which cater to the wide range of preferences we all have for pizza – crust thickness, toppings, and more.

Like most kids of the Pizza Hut era, I have always loved pizza; I’ve tried it around the world and know where to get the best slice (in my opinion) everywhere from New York to Naples (Italia!). I’ve also had the chance to sample some of the great pizza in Sausalito.

In this post, you’ll learn all about the best spots to grab a slice or whole pizza pie in Sausalito. I’ve ranked the eight restaurants that serve pizza in Sausalito; in the end, you really can’t go wrong – all you can do is keep searching until you find your perfect Sausalito pizzeria.

The Best Sausalito Pizza Spots

Best Sausalito Pizza Hero

Rather than rank these pizza restaurants in Sausalito based on my own opinion, I’ve designed my own formula that takes into account three factors:

  • public ratings (including my own, as I leave reviews on sites like Yelp, Google, and Facebook too)
  • the restaurant’s popularity (total reviews)
  • proximity to the Sausalito Ferry

These last two factors are “bonus” factors – they give you a sense of which restaurants are universally beloved and easy to reach if you’re visiting Sausalito.

In the end, each restaurant receives a score out of 5 – but a restaurant can score higher than five based on the bonuses for being close to the ferry and how popular it is. In general, the higher the score, the better – and any restaurant above 5 has great pizza! Here is my ranked list of which restaurant offers the best pizza in Sausalito:

RankRestaurantScore (2021)
1Sandrino Pizza & Vino5.15
2Bar Bocce4.83
3Poggio Trattoria4.74
4Taste of Rome4.70
5Angelino Restaurant4.65
6Venice Pizzeria4.32
7Aurora Restaurante e Pizzeria4.46
8Dario’s Pizza and Pasta4.01
Click here to learn more about the ranking formula I use to generate these scores.

Ready to learn about each of these restaurants and choose your own favorite pizza spot in Sausalito?

​​1. Sandrino Pizza & Vino

Best Pizza in Sausalito - Sandrino
Photo courtesy of Sandrino Pizza & Vino

Foodies on the hunt for authentic Italian pizza should head to Sandrino Pizza & Vino. A quaint restaurant, Sandrino makes the best Neapolitan pizza in Sausalito. 

Originally from Trento, Italy, Chefs Alessandro and Monika are the masterminds behind these flavorful pizzas. How much more authentic can it get? The restaurant’s highlight is the delicious Trentina Pizza. The couple conjures up this thin crust pizza using tasty tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, Molinari sausage, and sauté porcini mushrooms. Don’t forget to ask for the wine menu; they have some excellent Italian wines you can pair with your pizza.  

2. Bar Bocce

Best Pizza in Sausalito - Bar Bocce
Photo courtesy of Bar Bocce

“Best Pizza in the World!” reads one of the reviews for Bar Bocce. This vibrant American gathering place serves sourdough-crusted wood oven pizzas in Sausalito. The pizzas come in the most exquisite flavors. Mushroom, pork sausage, Margherita, Bar Bocce has it all.

However, their Kale Pizza should take a bow for being such an explosion of flavor. As soon as you take the first bite, the subtle garlic basil pesto invades your palate, followed by the creamy mild taste of the ricotta cheese. Finally, the complex flavor of the sourdough comes in to counterbalance the toppings. We share it, you’ll devour it a minute. 

3. Taste of Rome

Best Sausalito Pizza - Taste of Rome

Located in the heart of Sausalito, Taste of Rome serves all kinds of Italian-based dishes, among which is the pizza. They use a firewood brick oven to cook the Italian staple dish. When the server comes to your table, ask for the Margherita pizza.

Following Rome’s pizza bassa style (low pizza), the restaurant prepares the Margherita pizza with a very thin and airy base. So, prepare for the cheese and toppings sliding right off the thin crust. The Margherita pizza also includes fresh mozzarella cheese, organic basil and garlic toppings, and a delicious tomato sauce that the chef prepares using organic San Marzano tomatoes from Italy.

4. Angelino Restaurant

Best Pizza in Sausalito - Angelino
Photo courtesy of Angelino Restaurant

Founded and run by the Ancona family, Angelino Restaurant brings to Sausalito the flavors of Southern Italy. Their executive chef is Alfredo Ancona, whose exquisite Italian dishes and pizzas have garnered him a legion of fans. Simple yet flavorful, the Capricciosa pizza here is a beast. A thick crust, zesty tomato sauce, melty mozzarella, a thin slice of prosciutto on each portion, and randomly scattered olives, mushrooms, and artichokes make the recipe for this mouthwatering pizza. 

Besides the pizza, Angelino offers unparalleled views of the bay and the San Francisco skyline to those who sit in their sidewalk patio.  

5. Poggio Trattoria

Best Sausalito Pizza - Poggio Trattoria
Photo courtesy of Poggio Trattoria

Poggio Trattoria is a well-established Italian restaurant in Sausalito, and all their dishes are exceptional. No matter what you order, you just can’t go wrong. However, this article is about the best Sausalito pizza, so we will talk about Poggio’s delicious Salsiccia, one of their complex-tasting pizzas. This exquisite pizza combines Calabrian chili pork sausage, tomato, red onions, broccoli, and mozzarella. The resulting taste is spectacular, with each ingredient creating a perfect balance of flavors. The milky taste of the mozzarella softens the sausage’s pleasant spicy flavor while the vegetables bring that much-needed freshness. 

6. Aurora Ristorante e Pizzeria

Best Sausalito Pizza - Aurora Restaurante
Photo courtesy of Aurora Restaurante e Pizzeria

As the name suggests, Aurora Ristorante e Pizzeria prepares gourmet thin-crust pizzas in Sausalito. Their Pizza di Salmone will knock your socks off. The recipe behind their Pizza di Salmone is very simple but unique in taste. To the thin-crusted pizza, the chef adds tomato sauce, fresh thin slices of smoked salmon, ricotta cheese, arugula, Pecorino Toscano, and olive oil. The secret is in their tomato sauce, which the chef prepares delicately so that its flavor doesn’t steal the salmon’s protagonism. Even if you don’t have room for dessert, ask for tiramisu and a cup of cappuccino. You won’t regret it. 

7. Venice Pizzeria

Best Sausalito Pizza - Venice Pizzeria

Venice Pizzeria is a tiny waterfront spot in Sausalito where you can stop for a bite of delicious pizza. The restaurant serves a wide variety of pizzas, with many options that you won’t find in any other restaurant.

To get off the beaten track, dare to order their Clam or Shrimp and Garlic Pizzas. Both have a delicious thin crispy crust, topped with tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella cheese, finely chopped garlic, and five or six pieces of cooked shrimp or clam, depending on what you choose. You can also add as many toppings as you like to personalize your pizza. During the summer months, ask for their refreshing sangria to complement your pizza.  

8. Dario’s Pizza and Pasta

Best Pizza in Sausalito - Dario's
Photo courtesy of Dario’s Pizza and Pasta

Amassing over forty years of culinary experience, Dario’s Pizza and Pasta is a gem of a restaurant in Sausalito. Their pizzas are a little pricier than your average pizza place, but if you want guaranteed quality (and are willing to pay for it), then this place is a winner. For a culinary voyage through the flavors of the Mediterranean, order the Greek Pizza. 

This bomb of flavor includes most of the Mediterranean key ingredients. First, you have the unbeatable combo: a soft, gooey cheese base combined with exquisite sun-dried tomatoes. For the second layer of flavor, the chef adds a feast of vegetables: spinach, zucchini, asparagus, artichoke hearts, and sweet red peppers. On top of that goes the vibrant Italian pesto, bringing its buttery taste into the pizza’s flavor profile. 

Ready to go grab a slice? Which of these Sausalito pizza spots will you be heading to? Let me know any questions in the comments!

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