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Art Galleries in Sausalito: A Complete Guide

Sausalito has long been an escape and enclave for artists; the town’s artistic roots go back to some of its earliest chapters and have been preserved through the ongoing art that many flock here to create. As such, it’s no surprise that there are tons – literally dozens – of art galleries in Sausalito. No matter which type of art and medium you prefer, there’s likely at least one artist creating something you’ll enjoy here.

While many people head to other California cities like Carmel-by-the-Sea, Mendocino, and Laguna Beach, Sausalito is another art town worth visiting. Whether you just spend time strolling through the galleries to enrich your mind or have a specific goal to find a piece to bring home from your Sausalito trip, there are plenty of opportunities to do both in Sausalito.

Art Galleries in Sausalito Hero

Here’s a list of all the art galleries in Sausalito, organized by location; this list differs slightly from my breakdown of Sausalito neighborhoods, but taking a glance at that post plus Google Maps will help you figure out which galleries you will pass while exploring. You can, of course, also just wander and step into any galleries that catch your eye – that’s my favorite way to discover new artists and new works!

Sausalito is the traditional lands of the Graton Rancheria, Miwok, and Me-Wuk (Coast Miwok) peoples. With respect, I make a formal land acknowledgment, extending my appreciation to the past and present stewards of these lands. To learn more, I invite you to explore Native Land.

Sausalito Art Galleries on Bridgeway Promenade

Art Galleries in Sausalito

Bridgeway Promenade is a prime location for eating, walking, and shopping in the bayside town. So it makes sense that it is also home to some of the best Sausalito art galleries. Below there’s a list of the best art galleries along Bridgeway Promenade. 

Burlwood Gallery

With a trajectory of over 40 years, Burlwood Gallery is a family-owned brick-and-mortar gallery specializing in luxury home decor, fashion, art, NFT art, and fine jewelry. They’re also famous in town for offering a vast and unique selection of jewelry designs, featuring all kinds of precious and semi-precious stones

Daniel Merriam’s Bubble Street Gallery

Daniel Merriam’s Bubble Street Gallery is none other than the artist himself’s gallery. Merriam opened the venue in August 2012, and it soon became one of the most beloved art galleries in Sausalito. 

His works explore the romantically surreal, and visitors can find all sorts of exquisite paintings, sculptures, pottery, and jewelry here. Merriam also invites other surrealist artists to exhibit their works in his gallery. 

Galerie Elektra

Housed in the historical Princess Theater, Galerie Elektra is always a treat to visit. The gallery has been part of Sausalito’s landscape since 1998 and it features an eclectic collection of international fine art oil paintings and sculptures by world-renowned contemporary artists like Francesco Pelleschi, Rossi, and Passapel.

Hanson Gallery Fine Art

When it comes to art galleries in Sausalito, Hanson Gallery Fine Art is a big name. The gallery is one of the best places to look at and buy beautiful art in Sausalito. It has exhibited the artwork of world-famous contemporary artists and established Modern Masters, like Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, and Alexander Calder. Currently, they’re hosting the Expressions of Love exhibit.

Kokopelli Gallery

Kokopelli Gallery is a gallery gem for anyone interested in Native American arts. The owner has done a wonderful job curating collections of Native American arts and jewelry from America’s southwest. You can see artworks by Zuni Indians, pottery by New Mexican pueblo reservations, and Navajo-style stone-inlay jewelry, which is their most famous collection so far. 

Millionaire Gallery

If you love collecting memorabilia, make sure you stop by the Millionaire Gallery. This enormous venue features an extensive collection of unique collectible memorabilia from the most diverse fields. You can find objects from the music industry, Hollywood, sports, and history. They have over 300 expertly authenticated collectibles, including the original Apollo 11 framed poster and a poster of Pulp Fiction “dance scene” autographed by John Travolta and Um Thurman.”

Petri’s Fine Arts

Since 1973, Petri’s Fine Arts is a wonderful gallery with some unusual and interesting art pieces. Their collections feature a wide variety of artwork, including original oil paintings, bronze sculptures, and blown glass pieces. They also display gorgeous pieces of jewelry by contemporary well-known jewelry masters. 

Studio 333

Lifelong Sausalito resident, Christopher Holbrook, opened Studio 333 in 2013. The gallery curates collections specializing in local handcrafted jewelry, accessories, and art for home décor. They have featured art pieces of over 40 makers and artists, mainly from the San Francisco Bay Area. You can find art of all kinds of locally-made gifts, from greeting cards to handmade soaps & candles. 

Sausalito Art Galleries Along Caledonia Street

Art Galleries in Sausalito

Many people overlook Caledonia Street in favor of Bridgeway, but this lovely area brims with shops, restaurants, and artisan stalls. Also, you can find some of the loveliest art galleries in Sausalito along Caledonia Street. 

Adele Gilani Art Gallery

Adele Gilani Art Gallery is a breath of fresh air to Sausalito’s gallery scene. Run and owned by Adele Gilani, a talented young painter, this art gallery features a series of Gilani’s work on display and some select artists that have caught her eye. In her gallery, Gilani tries to create a comfortable atmosphere where inexperienced art viewers feel welcome. She also hosts Workshop programs. 

FARLEY Gallery & Studio

Run by Jane Victoria Farley, FARLEY Gallery & Studio is a live art venue showcasing a diverse selection of fine art for sale. The collections include oil painting portraits and landscapes by Farley. She also imparts art classes and expressive art therapy sessions throughout the year. 

Robert Allen Fine Art

Robert Allen Fine Art presents quality works in multiple mediums, from etchings to oils. It’s a wonderful place for Marin locals to experience and purchase American Artwork from around the country. Their current exhibition is Landscape Reimagined (works on canvas and panel). Artists like Nick Coley, William Leidenthal, and Victoria Ryan participate with their beautiful art pieces in this exhibition. 

Studio 333

Also owned by Christopher Holbrook, Studio 333 on Caledonia is a blend of many things: an art gallery, a co-working space, and an event venue. The space is open for hire, so expect the most varied art exhibitors, from photography to oil canvas paintings. Since it’s a smaller venue, you can expect less-known (but equally talented) artists to showcase their work here. 

Sausalito Art Galleries Along Princess Street

Art Galleries in Sausalito

Named after The Princess, a steam ferryboat, Princess Street is another place where you’ll find various art galleries in Sausalito. 

Gallery Sausalito

Gallery Sausalito is a brick-and-mortar gallery exhibiting a contemporary collection of artworks in various mediums, including painting, ceramics, and mixed media. The exhibited artworks are an explosion of texture and color. 

The venue’s collection features contemporary 2D and 3D works by the owner Sue Averell, Jeremy Coon, and Ellen Levine Dodd, among others. Visitors can also witness the gallery owner working in her art studio.

Scrimshaw Gallery

Located up a small alley off Princess Street, Scrimshaw Gallery is one of the quirkiest Sausalito art galleries. It houses the most complete selection of scrimshaw, nautical art, and other collectibles. Hundreds of maritime prints and paintings are on display around the store, and some of the most beautiful scrimshaw knives, money clips, and pens ever created. 

The gallery also exhibits works by several top-named artists in maritime art, such as John Stobart, Geoff Hunt, and Gary Lucy.

Sport & History Gallery

If you love historical photos, Sport & History Gallery is a spot in Sausalito you don’t want to miss. Sport & History Gallery is a charming venue with an extensive and diverse collection of historical prints. They feature a unique collection of over 3,000 historic and vintage sports and history photographs discovered in archives, historical societies, and memorabilia auctions. All their photographs are hand-printed and sepia-toned to preserve the documents’ authentic vintage appearance.

The Art of Detail

Owned by Robert Bengtson, The Art of Detail is a gallery showcasing the creations of Robert Bengtson, an inspirational artist. The gallery is a wonderful, creative space in the heart of Sausalito, featuring photographs, sculptures, and other works of art Bengtson has created throughout the years. Visitors can also enjoy and purchase the owner’s commercial fine-art photographs. 

Sausalito Art Galleries in the Marinship

Art Galleries in Sausalito

Marinship is famous for being home to the Sausalito houseboats. However, you can also find numerous Sausalito Art Galleries here. It makes total sense as many members of the houseboat community are artists. 

April Dawn Parker

Born and raised in California, April Dawn Parker runs her namesake gallery in Sausalito. She is a contemporary, abstract painter, and her works explore the complexity of the natural world as it intersects with the manufactured. 

The gallery exhibits Parker’s works only, and visitors can expect eclectic creations that play with color and geometric figures. She’s currently showcasing her latest exhibit, “Cathedral,” in the gallery. 

Bret Arenson

Bret Arenson is an eclectic artist who has experimented with numerous forms of expression during his career. Lately, Arenson has employed automatism, a creative technique for producing artworks without thought, in his creative process. His gallery allows visitors to explore artworks and art installations from past series, such as Stenciled Impulse, Ambient Installations, Ecstatic Screen, and Graphic Contrasts (oil and acrylic paintings). 

Chris Adessa Fine Art

Chris Adessa, a representational fine artist, has her studio Chris Adessa Fine Art, in Sausalito. The gallery features Adessa’s works, which are mainly contemporary fine-art oil paintings. Her two current major series are Everyday Sacred, focusing on portraits of commonplace objects, and Veiled Vistas, which shows connections to her earlier work.

Gloria Johnson Artists Studio

Gloria Johnson Artists Studio is painter Gloria Johnson’s private gallery. She uses the venue to exhibit her paintings, which stand out for their unique designs, patterns, and color combinations. In the last years, Johnson expanded her artistic scope and dabbled in the art of fusing glass. 

Her gallery also features her latest creations, including stained glass, fused glass, handcrafted jewelry, and decorative stepping stones. Beware that Gloria only welcomes visitors with a previous appointment. 

Terri Froelich

Located in the Industrial Center Building, Terri Froelich is an art studio owned by Bay Area contemporary abstract painter and photographer Terri Froelich. The artist experiments with diverse mixed media techniques to create her paintings, all exhibited in her studio. Most artworks feature photographic images and interesting use of color, design, textures, lines, and shapes.

Other Sausalito Art Galleries

Art Galleries in Sausalito

If all the art galleries below aren’t enough, here are three more Sausalito art galleries you can explore on your next trip. 

Elaine West Studio

Visit Elaine West Studio to discover the oil paintings of Elaine West, a California native whose works are famous for showing a fantastic interplay of light and shadow. West is known for realism, painting Marin waterscapes and landscapes. Currently, she’s delved into abstraction. Her gallery features an extensive collection of her works – all paintings are oils on canvas.

Karin Jensen Art

Painter Karin Jensen owns the Karin Jensen Art gallery, where she exhibits her most famous works. The artists work with oil and acrylic to create unique pieces that transform any room. 

Her technique focuses on color and is full of texture, using layers, bold and complementary colors, and contrast to create depth in the paintings. Currently, the gallery is exhibiting Jensen’s abstract and flower oil paintings. 

Susan Landor Keegin Painting

Owned and run by Susan Landor Keegin, the Susan Landor Keegin Painting is a lovely gallery to see California’s landscapes through a different lens. The artists capture the landscapes and seascapes of Northern California and Maine in their paintings. 

She also paints contemporary still life, spotlighting seemingly insignificant objects. Susan often works in a series and creates a narrative through her artwork. Visitors can enjoy and buy Susan’s works of art at her gallery. 

As you can see, there is no shortage of artists and art galleries in Sausalito where you can seek out a beautiful work of art to bring home from your trip as a souvenir. Have any questions about these Sausalito art galleries? Let me know in the comments!

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Valerie fell in love with Sausalito after her very first visit; she and her husband then moved there in 2019. It's one of her favorite places in the Bay Area and she's excited to show you the best parts of her city.


  • Anna

    In search of black & WHite photos to be framed or are framed off Hollywood Famous Couples such as

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    Family member purchased these type photos many years ago while visiting Sausalito.

    Thank you in advance for any information!

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      Valerie & Jacob

      Hi, Anna – the two places I can think of for these would be Millionaire Gallery and maybe Millionaire Gallery. I hope that helps!

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